Waverley Rugby 1971-2020 – Players[P]/Administrators[A]/Supporters[S] List

We are making a big effort to compile a list of players, administrators and supporters of Waverley Rugby from 1971-2020. The Club is compiling five lists, one list for each decade of our existence: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s.  

At this stage, we have compiled a list for the 1970s and one for the 1980s as set out below.  

WE APOLOGISE IN ADVANCE IF WE HAVE INCORRECTLY MISSED A NAME AND/OR WRONGLY ATTRIBUTED INVOLVEMENT WITH THE CLUB.  Hence, why we are undertaking this enormous process to restore the past 50 seasons. 

1. IF YOUR NAME IS MISSING: If your name is not on any of the lists below AND you are a past player, administrator and/or supporter, THEN please register here. 

2. IF YOU KNOW OF A NAME THAT IS MISSING: If you know of someone whose name is not on a list below, THEN please register here.

3. IF YOUR NAME has an "[N]" or "[SP]" beside it or you know of the contact detailof someone who has an "[N]" or "[SP]" beside their name: THEN please register here.

Key for letters beside names:

Involvement:[A]: Administrator [Office Bearer/Coach/Manager]; [P]: Player; [S]: Supporter

Contact details:[N]: Not on Email list; [Y]: Yes Email Contact[T] Telephone Only Contact; [SP] Email through partner/spouse; [D]: Deceased.

Please Note: We are now working on the list for the 1990s (until 1997 as we are missing annual reports from 1998-1999), followed by a list for the 2000s (2001-2002 and 2007-2009, as we are missing annual reports 2000, 2003-2006) and then the final list, 2010-2020

Later, we hope to construct (where we have annual reports), separate pages to record those who played for Waverley R.F.& S.C. in Cricket, Netball, Softball, Touch Football and/or Volleyball.