Welcome to waverley rugby club in bondi

Based at the top of Bondi Road near Bondi Junction, Waverley has some of the best Rugby facilities in Sydney and is close to Bondi Junction train station.

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Omar Kasdi (Treasurer 2014/15)

Omar Kasdi (Treasurer 2014/15)

Your name Omar Kasdi (Treasurer 2014/15)

Your nickname Fat Vin Diesel

Your preferred rugby position/s Loosehead or tighthead prop

Years on the pitch 15

First club EDHEC Lille

Your first game memory Getting slapped by a 40ish prop in the first scrum of my first game. Welcome to rugby, son…

Favourite moment in rugby That try from Christophe Dominici on 31 October 1999 which puts France ahead of NZ (27-24). Final score: 43-31. I don’t remember anything after the final whistle…

Your biggest strength My goose step

Biggest weakness the last 75 minutes of any game

Any funny injuries “I hurt my nose” – Kenny Powers

Pre-game activity Kissing Chalky’s bald head and motorboating Rambo

What are you famous for at Waverley? Founder of the Waverley Bald Brothers

Who has most influenced your game? Chalky

What rugby drill do you most dread? Any drill requiring me to run

What’s your 2015 rugby ambition? All season bus trip, including home games

Why do you play for Waverley? For foreigners like me, living more than 17,000kms from family and childhood friends was not easy at the beginning. I joined this club randomly. I was thrown a jersey to play with strangers, with who all I have in common is playing on a rugby oval. And now, after a series of moments and great encounters, this club means a lot to me. I play for Waverley for its present and past players. This strong brotherhood makes this club unique and gives us an advantage in the finals.

Who do you admire on the team and why? Chalky and his ability to get a lobster red skin on a cloudy, rainy day

Best rugby advice you’ve been given and by whom: “Remember the three Ds, boys: discipline, defense and… dackle!” – Brother Beaver. 

Heath Donald (Vice President of Partners 2015)

Heath Donald (Vice President of Partners 2015)

Your name Heath Donald (Vice President of Partners 2015)

Your nickname P Plates

Your preferred rugby position/s Flanker

Years on the pitch Way, way too many

First club Easts Rugby Club

Your biggest blunder on the field Not turning up with a onesee in my first year at Waverley… The result should not be shared with children…

Your first game memory Playing two grades above in a under 14s team and dominating like Chabal 

Favourite moment in rugby 1994 Bledisloe Cup

Your biggest strength My willpower

Biggest weakness Flat feet like a penguin

Any funny injuries  I sometimes try and bite my own left ear like a crazy person

Pre-game activity Can’t share this publicly

What are you famous for at Waverley BBQ support staff

Who has most influenced your game? Rocky

What rugby drill do you most dread? Passing

What’s your 2015 rugby ambition? To pass

Why do you play for Waverley? Because I don’t feel so bad about my game

Who do you admire on the team and why? Trevor Wong and drinking beer 

Best rugby advice you’ve been given and by whom: “This is not your day to train, it’s (Easts Rugby) 1st grade” – Mike Penistone head coach/saviour (2007)

Steven Cassells at Grand Final 2014

Steven Cassells (Vice President of Rugby 2015) at Grand Final 2014

 Your name Steven Cassells (Vice President of Rugby 2015)

Your nickname at rugby Stevie

Your preferred rugby position/s 10

Years on the pitch 11 (time flies)

First club Kilkenny College

Your biggest blunder on the field Tackling a player on my own team who was about to make a try saving tackle!

Your first game memory Almost drowning while stuck under a ruck on a ridiculously waterlogged pitch in Dublin

Your favourite moment in rugby Winning the grand final with Beaver’s “Meat-trays” in 2013. We were massive underdogs going into the match. 

Your biggest strength Playing guitar

Biggest weakness The Sheaf

Any funny injuries Breaking my arm when there was no one within 5 meters of me! 

Your “lucky” pre-game superstition/token/activity/non-activity Setting up the community room!

Who has most influenced your game? Jonah Lomu (Rugby for the Playstation)  

What rugby drill do you most dread? Tackling drills! 

What’s your 2015 rugby ambition? Getting Waverley promoted to Division 2

Why do play for Waverley? Best club culture I’ve ever seen

Who on the team has a skill you admire and what is that skill? Brian Shanahan – can “twerk” (kind of) 

Best rugby advice you’ve been given and by whom ”Believe” - Ted Shelton grand final 2013

Your name Ted Shelton (Club Captain 2015) Your nickname at rugby Titties  Your preferred rugby position/s Back Row Years on the pitch 25 First club Wymondham Your biggest blunder on the field Dropping the ball whilst diving for a try at a home game on the 40th anniversary of the club. We went on to lose the game but won the […]
    Our Waverley Women’s team is heading to Crescent Head on the NSW North Coast this weekend for the annual Crescent Head 7s tournament.   Our team will be one of ten women’s team competing on Saturday, competing in Pool A.    The team consists of Courtney Tallon, Cinzia, Wendy Au, Carey-Mai McIntyre, Lyndsey […]
  Two former Waverley players are kicking goals internationally with Matt D’Arcy being announced today as the captain of the Ireland Club team and former Waverley Women’s player Ruan Sims playing for Australia in the 2015 NRL Auckland Nines.   Matt and the Ireland Club team will play their Scottish counterparts at Old Anniesland in […]
Your name Kenny Brown (President 2014/15)  Your nickname Emmmm, Kenny? I was called Brownie for a bit but it never stuck Your preferred rugby position/s Back row Years on the pitch 28 (yes I’m old) First club Corstorphine RFC (Edinburgh) Your biggest blunder on the field Thinking I had scored on the five metre line Your first game memory Breaking my collar […]
The annual pre-season photo-shoot is scheduled for Saturday 7 February 2015 10am at Bondi Beach. The Saturday morning training session is open to all player: men’s, women’s, colts. Remember to wear your Waverley Rugby kit.  Organiser is Club Captain Ted Shelton ( and photographer will be women’s player Kat Brinsley.